SU midterm reviews: VP events Kat Lord

By Annalise Klingbeil

If Kat Lord were a drink, she’d be Red Bull and Jag — she’s bold, brash and full of energy.

Lord has had a busy year and is responsible for a number of firsts in her role as Students’ Union vice-president events — the events calendar made it into the student agenda, and this year’s Welcome Week targeted returning students, not only new students. Lord says collaboration with student groups on campus has been a big focus for her.

While platform promises such as a chilli cook off and an old school science fair have yet to take place, Lord says she’s focussed her attention on what students actually want and need on campus.

Lord should be applauded for trying to host events that appeal to a variety of students, not just the 18-to-24-year-old crowd, evidenced by the SU bringing in speakers such as Gwynne Dyer and new weekly events like Yoga in the Space.

Some events have failed to attract a wide crowd, and Lord said certain shindigs haven’t seen the same success as last year. Lord says she’s at a loss for what more she can do, as the events team is using a variety of resources such as social media to market events.

Lord is skilled at delegating tasks, and uses commissioners’ talents where they fit best. This does have its drawbacks; as one commissioner points out, the events commission tends to work separately, rather than as a team.

Lord has a bold speaking style and personality and admits she’s outspoken and lacks a political correctness monitor. She’s been called intimidating and has a her-way-or-the-high-way quality about her.

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