University of Alberta Students’ Union president resigns from office

By Brent Constantin

The University of Alberta’s Students’ Union is now one executive lighter after president Kory Mathewson suddenly resigned his position effective January 11.

Citing personal reasons for the decision, Mathewson leaves the SU midway through his first term in office after winning 53 per cent of the vote last March.

The SU now has the option of appointing an interim president, or running a by-election in February to locate a replacement before the regularly scheduled executive elections in March. During his term Mathewson made efforts to increase student involvement on campus and stated that while he regretted the resignation, he was “especially pleased with the Students’ Union’s increased involvement and engagement of the campus community,” according to an open letter to the Speaker of the University of Alberta Students’ Union Council.

Mathewson’s former responsibilities will now be divided among the four remaining executives.


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