Letter: looking for accountability

By Ashley Marshall

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I know you don’t deal with this directly and the SU has been trying to help keep tuition fees down but I have a situation I would like to raise concern about. Classroom accommodation is increasingly lousy, not only are the desks crappy (most being half together and usually wobbly) but the chances of even getting a seat are at times slim. In my 400 level political science class this semester students, more then five or six at times, have had to sit on the floor on more than one occasion because the university scheduled us into a classroom too small to accommodate the students; a classroom for 78 students with only 66 desks. Not only is that completely unacceptable in itself, but the fact that my prof raised his concerns to the university and they claimed to have added more seats when the same thing happened all over again makes the whole thing even worse. So I pay thousands of dollars a year to sit on a floor in a freezing cold classroom? I didn’t realize that attending class was first come first serve. Where does that $6 I pay for a sandwich go? Or $20 to park? On top of high tuition we are paying out the ass for everything else, too. Seems like the uni is asking more without giving more.

I think more accountability for our money is needed.

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