Sidebar: An interview with the stars

How/when did you get into Cosplay?

Constantine Vlahos, 21, U of C Anime Club executive:
“I got into Cosplaying when I came to the university and discovered Otafest [a yearly anime convention held at the university].”

Therese Bong, 21, U of C student:
“I got into Cosplay the first time I went to Otafest back in grade nine. My friends had informed me of the convention and also encouraged me to make a costume, since they were themselves making some.”

Yvonne Bouvier, 23, from Edmonton:
“When I was little, I loved to play dress-up, but in society’s eyes as you get older dressing up is just bad. So, one year I went to an anime convention and my mother helped me make a costume. I’ve been Cosplaying ever since.”

Why do you Cosplay? What about Cosplay is attractive?

“I Cosplay because it’s a way to bring my favourite characters to life, as well as a way to make new friends. What’s attractive about it is it brings you together with other people who like the same thing as you, and you get to run around acting like you’re someone else and still feel completely normal!”

“I Cosplay because it’s fun. I like dressing up and making the costumes from scratch. It gives me a sense of pride to showcase my hard work and I do like sewing. Figuring out how to make the costumes work in real life is a great challenge and it’s nice to know you can make a great costume. Dressing up is also great fun!”

“It’s fun to pick and figure out how to make a Cosplay perfect down to the tiniest detail!”

Who’s your favourite character to Cosplay, and why?

“That’s a tough one, there are so many.”

“Rei from Beyblade will always be my favourite. That was my first costume and probably the one I pulled off the best!”

“My favourite character to Cosplay would be Hello Kitty. She was such a learning experience in the art of costume making.”

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