Students’ Union year-end reviews: Charlotte Kingston

By Sarelle Azuelos

Count Chocula has always been the leader of the breakfast cereal underworld. With an interesting sense of style and a strong desire to be sustainable (that’s why he switched from blood to chocolate) the Count has used some stellar communication skills to keep his minions in line. While Students’ Union president Charlotte Kingston may not have the same mind control powers of a diabetes-inducing cereal, she has proven to be an effective leader. Sweetness has not gotten in the way of what she set out to do.

Just under a year ago, a pale yet fresh-faced hopeful walked into her new office with a long list of objectives and an even longer list of challenges. Count Kingston accomplished many of the goals she began with, which is sadly a unique circumstance in SU history. Thanks to her drive, Styrofoam will be out of MacHall next fall and new student spaces will open up.

On top of all her original initiatives, Kingston steered the SU through some major surprises — namely market modifier tuition increases. She successfully represented students’ wants to administration, whether they were listening or not. And knowing that the board of governors is as stuck in their ways as Frankenberry, she focused on increasing communication with the province to block market modifiers for most faculties.

Count Kingston has done an excellent job this past year. Hopefully next year’s president, Lauren Webber, will be able to wear the chocolaty cape just as well.

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