Spun: Katy Perry

By Ryan Pike

Katy Perry made a name for herself writing easygoing, catchy pop tunes– something she continues to do on her second album Teenage Dream. The album is full of songs that are light and carefree. Drinking, hanging out and boys are the main subjects.

Teenage Dream’s first single “California Gurls” sets the tone for the album. The song is catchy, up beat and lighthearted. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” a song about drinking too much and doing stupid things is just as captivating and fun. “Peacock” sounds like a mix between cheerleading and “Love Game.” Despite the lyrics, the song is catchy.

“Circle the Drain”– a song about addiction– sees Perry try her hand at more serious subject matter. It’s a noble effort, but ultimately it lacks the attraction of her lighter, more memorable hits.

Other songs like “The One That Got Away” and “E.T.” go for heavy beats over melody and suffer as a result. These songs are not as catchy as the material on One Of The Boys or at the start of Teenage Dream. They are harder to sing along to and feel heavy and repetitive.

..Rhiannon Kirkland