Spun: David Vertesi

By Remi Watts

I am of the opinion that David Vertesi, the young and handsome fellow that he is, gets laid on a most frequent basis (or at least should). I base my delicate yet serious opinion upon four premises:

1) His debut solo album, Cardiography is a shipshape sonically pleasing undertaking that could possibly be thought of as a modernized take on the dusty art of crooning.

2) He’s best known for his musical work as the bass player of the Vancouver indie-pop group Hey Ocean!, who have been plenty capable of inspiring their fair share of heart-grinding.

3) Opening with the track “Mountainside,” one gets a personal welcoming into the emotional web of Vertesi. Immediately following are some of the albums best songs: “Gentlemen Say” and “All Night, All Night, All Night,” both of which, to borrow phrases from Henry Miller, “set the shores a little wider” and “iron out the wrinkles.”

4) Most importantly, his voice — simultaneously smokey and silky — resonates with a sophistication and density that is difficult to match.


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