Letter: Gauntlet comic extremely offensive to Sikhs

By Gaganjeet Tamber

The most recent edition of the Gauntlet newspaper [Nov. 17, 2011] has an extremely offensive comic on the last page. The “Network Admin” comic depicts a man sitting in a cauldron being boiled alive and in the caption it states “I ain’t even mad.” That man is the fifth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. This picture is extremely disgusting and is very offensive because Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji was being executed for being a Sikh. Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji stood up to the Islamic leaders and did not give in to their attempts to convert him to Islam. For defending Sikhism he was brutally tortured. First, he was forced to sit on a red hot pan and scalding sand was poured over his body– his body was covered in blisters. After they poured the hot sand on him they placed him in a large cauldron and boiled him alive. As he was slowly being killed Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji was calm and was praying. This horrendous comic is the equivalent of making a joke about Jesus as he was being nailed to the cross.

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