SU Reviews: Dylan Jones

It’s 2:35 a.m. at Karma in Seaside Heights and your “kooka” is one vodka shot away from hanging out of your pleather dress– and those sexy guidos from across the dance floor are totally staring. Dylan Jones is the kind of guy who would discreetly escort you into a cab back to the shore house to preserve your dignity.

The role of president can be hard to define, but Jones has done an effective job of being a strong advocate for the students and fostering a professional relationship with university administration– much like a benevolent house-mother figure like JWOWW would lovingly tend to an inebriated Snooki.

His major initiative this year was Out of Office, encouraging su executives to connect with students. He gave a refresher speech to the Student Legislative Council at the beginning of the winter semester to re-inspire them to reach out to fellow students. Though there isn’t a quantitative way to measure the success of this program, it has changed the perception of the su. However, the Out of Office campaign lacked use of social media.

Jones also delivered a professional tuition consultation this semester with vice-president Ola Mohajer.

The su voted in favour of a tuition increase. This was a good move on the su’s part, as it built a rapport with administration. Jones did compromise with the provost so the grants will be in-line with Eyes High, but it will still be a student directed, grass-roots program.

The provost has agreed that the registrar won’t be funded through student services. There will be a $150 rebate for next year, and there will be reports on where the fee goes. Small wins, but more work on regulating non-instructional fees is still needed.

Jones established himself as a leader, and brought together the diverse viewpoints of his executives.

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