Required GNST class change

By Michael Grondin

Changes to required general studies courses for communications and culture students will begin in the upcoming fall and winter semesters.

Full-credit courses that span two semesters will be broken up into two components, and will be under the naming convention of communications and culture.

Many of the changed courses are mandatory for faculty of arts students.

GNST 300 and 500 will be split into half-credit courses. GNST 300 will now be CMCL 301: Cultural Foundations, and CMCL 303: Roads to Modernity.

GNST 500 will be CMCL 501: Modernity and CMCL 503: Contours of Contemporary Culture.

Other changes include the following: GNST 590 will become CMCL 590; GNST 507 and 509 will become CMCL 507 and 509; and GNST 313 will become CMCL 313.

If a student has already completed one of these required courses for communications and culture, it is not required that they be repeated.

According to the department of communication and culture undergraduate program coordinator Lorry Felske, it was an administrative decision to move classes from from the interdisciplinary section of the faculty of arts to the department of communications and culture.

“The people who teach those courses are in the department of communications and culture, so administratively it’s more logical to have them in our department,” said Felske.

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