Club me ’til I’m week

By Dean Hetherington

Did Animal House make you want to join a frat? Ever wonder if there are other people on campus as hopelessly addicted to StarCraft as you? Do you dream at night of meeting fellow pre-dental students and fantasize about the wonderful conversations you could be having with fellow vegans?

However obscure your interest, prepare to branch out, because clubs week is back at the University of Calgary. The event runs from Sept. 17–21.

Clubs week is the U of C’s bi-annual exhibition of student clubs and organizations held in 
MacEwan Student Centre. During the weeklong event, an eclectic mix of groups compete for students’ attention and try to swell their ranks.

Students’ Union vice-president student life Hayley Wade said these clubs provide a great outlet for students hoping to add breadth to their university experience.

“Clubs are a great way for students to find others who share their interests,” said Wade. “It’s a really good way for students to make their time at the U of C even better.”

As people pass by the crowded event, the recruitment of new members is at its peak. Club executives and members can snatch up first-years and onlookers and plan new events with fellow clubs.

In total, there will be just under 200 clubs participating in clubs week out of the over 300 registered on campus. Over 90 clubs are showcased each day of the week.

“Clubs that registered early will get a table for three days, while the clubs that waited too long will only get one or two,” said Wade. “A full schedule will be displayed in the glass case in MacHall.”

One of the more striking aspects of clubs week is the sheer variety of clubs at the U of C. They include clubs focused on academics, like the Engineering Students Society; religion, like Christian Students at U of C; culture, like the African Students Association; athletics, like the Ski Club; and starting a new hobby, like the Hip Hop and Funk Styles Club. Either way, there’s a club for everyone.

Third-year biomedical sciences student and president of the debate club Pardeep Dhaliwal said the debate club, and clubs in general, can teach people skills they can use in the classroom and in everyday life. Through clubs, students can meet new people and gain new opportunities.

“Debate is a great thing for really anyone who wants to join a good club, meet some people and have fun,” said Dhaliwal.

He said that clubs week is a great way for student organizations at the U of C to showcase themselves.

“Clubs week is awesome and I think it benefits the clubs and the university to have the clubs be able to reach out to students,” said Dhaliwal. “Without clubs week, we definitely would have a lot fewer club members than we do.”

According to coordinator of student organizations Henry Rosvick, the public setting of clubs week is also very important.

“Clubs week is important because it gives the clubs a chance to showcase what they are all about in a public setting and it’s a way for students and club members to see what else is going on around campus,” said Rosvick.

Students can become a part of clubs throughout the year, but clubs week is a chance for these student organizations to get out there and show what they’re worth.

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