Spun: Andria Simone

By Miranda Krogstad

Toronto soul singer Andria Simone’s new album Good Lovin’ screams of old-school influence from the ’50s and ’60s — from the vintage-record look of the CD to the horn section piping in with little shots here and there — but refreshes the sound with modern pop and R&B beats and rhythms, producing an incredibly fun and catchy album to listen to.

Simone explains on her website that she loves all styles of music. “From heavy metal to classical to dubstep and beyond — I believe all genres can bring out different stories and emotions,” she says.

Her new album proves she isn’t afraid to dabble in different styles for different effects.

The album flips back and forth between songs that lean towards ’50s R&B or towards ’90s pop ballads, with some tracks melding the two. And while each style brings something a little different to the table, any happy soul-music lover won’t be able to get enough of the jukebox-style hits that dominate this album.

Simone says on Artist-tree Music Group’s website that she’d love to go back in time to the ’50s and ’60s to dance to that kind of music.

With a winning team of composers consisting of Demetri James, Greg Kavanagh, and Simone herself, I guarantee you’ll be shakin’ it like it’s 1959. Whether you’re a dancer, toe-tapper or full-out get-down-to-the-music kind of person, pull out your poodle skirt or letterman jacket and get ready to move.

To get a taste of her fun, throwback feel, check out the track “Do What I Want” on iTunes or Youtube and tell me you don’t want more.