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The real cost of shoes

By Aida Sadr

For decades, women of the so-called Third World have served as a giant reserve army of labour at the disposal of various globe-trotting multinational corporations (MNCs). Today, the country-of-origin labels found on digital watches, computers, clothes, shoes, and toys branded with the names of well-known American, Japanese, or European companies reveal that most of our… Continue reading The real cost of shoes

Tackling body image issues

By Aida Sadr

Go ahead, celebrate your natural size. That’s the message the U of C Eating Awareness Team will promote during National Eating Disorder Week, which runs Feb. 4-10. The team, comprised of various representatives from groups concerned with student health and body image, formed to address what they see as a major issue on campus.“We see… Continue reading Tackling body image issues

The gene scene

By Aida Sadr

While the commodification of life seems like somewhat of an offensive notion to most people, the reality is that living organisms and their cellular components have been objects of commerce for a couple of decades now. Since 1980, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that scientists could patent living material, the U.S. Patent and Trademark… Continue reading The gene scene

Too afraid to speak out

By Aida Sadr

Every year, thousands of women are victims of sexual assault, but according to a 1993 Statistics Canada survey, only six per cent of females over the age of 16 who experience the terrifying and often brutal crime report the incident to the police. A recent University of Calgary study conducted by Debra Tomlinson, a Master’s… Continue reading Too afraid to speak out

Student debt hits record high

By Aida Sadr

Debt is an issue that concerns the majority of Alberta’s university students. As tuition and living costs continue to increase, so does the debt load burdening graduates. Earlier this month, the Alberta Ministry of Learning reported that in 1999/2000, the average graduate net loan debt increased by $706 from the previous year, hitting an all-time… Continue reading Student debt hits record high

Achooo! Avoiding the flu

By Aida Sadr

Fever, chills, coughs, aches and fatigue… unfortunately for many, these dreaded symptoms of the flu are all too familiar. The highly contagious, virus-induced respiratory disease formally known as Influenza is one of the oldest and most common illnesses. Every year, large sections of the population are affected by the seasonal flu epidemic. Although commonly mistaken… Continue reading Achooo! Avoiding the flu

Do you know your alcohol?

By Mary Chan

University of Calgary students saw mocktails, AADAC and a tuition’s worth of beer this week as Alcohol Awareness Week took place. "Alcohol Awareness Week is a campaign aimed toward students to show them the dangers associated with drinking," said Students’ Union Events commissioner Evan Truman. "The goal is to spread awareness that people have to… Continue reading Do you know your alcohol?