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Surveillance reform plans uninformative

By Alex Procyk

In both a topical speech on Jan. 17 as well as in last week’s annual State of the Union address, U.S. President Barack Obama finally came forward with a response and supposed solution to the widespread data collection and surveillance controversies that have plagued his administration since last June. His new pledges, promising to end… Continue reading Surveillance reform plans uninformative

Remembering a great man, John F. Kennedy

By Alex Procyk

Nov. 22 marks an unpleasant historical milestone — an event too impactful and sobering to be forgotten. For good or evil, U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s assassination continues to haunt us and capture our imaginations. The 50th anniversary of this tragic event casts a shadow over the path to closure on that day’s dark events.… Continue reading Remembering a great man, John F. Kennedy


By Alex Procyk

Foreskin. It’s not a common word in daily conversation or often brought up. Male circumcision, the total removal of the foreskin from the penis, shouldn’t be a weird or disturbing topic because it is a pertinent issue that needs to be openly discussed. Today, there is a widespread, contentious and controversial debate about circumcision because… Continue reading Circumcision