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BUDGET HISTORY: “Education budget” fails

By Ben Perrin

Student groups are calling for more student debt relief after the announcement of the so-called “Education Budget” by Finance Minister Paul Martin Feb. 24. The budget establishes a $2.5 biliion Canada Millennium Scholarship fund, creates a tax credit for taxes paid on repayment of student loans, increases the maximum contributions allowed to the Registered Education… Continue reading BUDGET HISTORY: “Education budget” fails

And the award for best misdirector goes to…

By Ben Perrin

In a frantic attempt to meet the Academy Awards deadline for best picture and beat out Saving Private Ryan, some really horrible sequels are being rushed in under the wire this week. Pathetic attempts to rehash already bad movies, with even worse sequels, are causing movie-goers to roll their eyes as they gear up for… Continue reading And the award for best misdirector goes to…

Spies, lies and airbourne espionage

By Ben Perrin

If you thought that secret agents, government cover ups, and top-secret files were all relics of James Bond’s Cold War missions, think again. This time, however, it’s New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Dick Proctor who has taken the title of "super-sleuth" against the latest Liberal cover-up. The main issue under discussion involves the Liberal… Continue reading Spies, lies and airbourne espionage

Staging the election

By Ben Perrin

If you’ve ever searched for a cure for insomnia and failed, there is new hope for your sleepless nights: watching the federal Progressive Conservative leadership debates. The five candidates who have tried to dust their political careers off from years of dormancy are an obscure hodgepodge of Mulroney loyalists, lesser-known provincial characters and the supposed… Continue reading Staging the election

Celebrity Terrorism

By Ben Perrin

He has been called the fundamentalist’s banker, a holy terror, a phenomenon and, more recently, the world’s pre-eminent financier of anti-American terrorism. Some liberal analysts might try to say that he is misunderstood or that he had a rough childhood-neither are true of CNN’s "favourite" terrorist Ussamah Bin Ladin. His new-found international fame is, of… Continue reading Celebrity Terrorism

Would you like fries with that?

By Ben Perrin

Criminal record? No problem! Poor attendance record? No sweat! Qualifications: Must be good golfer, able to toe party line without questions. Salary: Make your own and raise it whenever you like. Apply to: 24 Sussex Drive in person for "Senate patronage appointment ’98." Note: Elected, accountable and representative applicants need not apply. It’s the dream… Continue reading Would you like fries with that?

U of C politicians talk Reform

By Brian Arkinstall

Last Sunday saw the debut of Canada’s newest national political movement at the University of Calgary. The Reform Party on Campus and the Progressive Conservative Association at U of C, hosted a meeting to familiarize interested parties with the proposed Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance (Canadian Alliance). The meeting was also intended to encourage student participation… Continue reading U of C politicians talk Reform

Model UN team ties with Harvard

By Ryan Pelletier

The University of Calgary Model United Nations team returned from its Nov. 11-14 Philadelphia competition on a victorious high. The team placed second after Yale University in a two-way tie with Harvard. The Philadelphia Conference is the largest Model UN conference in the world in the Fall semester. As the only Canadian school participating in… Continue reading Model UN team ties with Harvard

SU goes to court

By Collin Gallant

For those of you who thought the controversy surrounding the Reform Party on Campus was over, think again.On Fri., Nov. 28 the RPOC filed an application with Alberta Court of Queens Bench for a Judicial Review of the University of Calgary Students’ Union’s decision to withhold club privileges from the Reform club. A Judicial Review… Continue reading SU goes to court