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Two U of C students receive Rhodes scholarship

By Riley Hill

Two University of Calgary students were recently chosen as Rhode Scholars, placing them in the ranks of former prime ministers, U.S. presidents and Nobel Prize winners. The Rhodes scholarship gives graduate students the chance to study at Oxford University in England for two years, free of charge. Only 83 students are selected world wide every… Continue reading Two U of C students receive Rhodes scholarship

Wrestling flick hits bottom

By Bo Rhodes

With the current popularity of professional wrestling, it was only a matter of time before its ugly mug was shown on movie screens everywhere. Ready to Rumble, director Brian Robbins’ (Varsity Blues) latest venture, combines the action of World Championship Wrestling with the comedic "talents" of David Arquette (Gordie Boggs), Sean Caan (Sean Dawkins) and… Continue reading Wrestling flick hits bottom

Rams bow to the Dinos

By Bo Rhodes

“The sun will come out tomorrow”-AnnieThe sun finally came out for the University of Calgary Dinos last Saturday when they met the University of Regina Rams on fabled Taylor Field. In what could only be called an ass-kicking, the Dinos soundly defeated the expansion Rams and improved their record 2-3.The mid-season break seemed to favour… Continue reading Rams bow to the Dinos

Lost Souls in need of an exorcism

By Bo Rhodes

With Halloween fast approaching, movie companies are releasing "horror" flicks by the truckload. With the re-release of the 1973 classic The Exorcist, studios are playing a no-win game of catch-up. Saving Private Ryan’s director of photography, Janusz Kaminski, makes his directorial debut with Lost Souls, a film that examines ideas of exorcism, demonic transformation and… Continue reading Lost Souls in need of an exorcism

Culture snobs miss out

By Bo Rhodes

There are members of our society who look down on others based solely on the music they listen to, the movies they see or the clothes they wear. These people sneer at the boy-and-girl bands commonly heard on mainstream radio. They scoff at the masses standing in line to see the latest Jennifer Love Hewitt… Continue reading Culture snobs miss out

Into The Night

By Bo Rhodes

Into The Night, Love Inc.’s follow-up to their self-titled debut album reeks of familiarity. So much so that how can anyone tell the difference between this pile of tripe and the first pile of rotting pig intestines? Vocalist Simone Denny once again tries to carry this flimsy Canadian act with her powerful pipes. Unfortunately, she… Continue reading Into The Night