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Pagan Pride

By Veronika Janik

Broomsticks. Pointy hats. Vengeful spells. These are common stereotypes incorrectly associated with witches. What many people ignore is the spiritual depth and theological complexities of Paganism and witchcraft in all its forms. While the average person might be stunned to learn that he or she has at some point interacted with a witch, the likelihood… Continue reading Pagan Pride

The propaganda of Kyoto

By Stephane Massinon

In my grade ten social studies class, we watched Allied propaganda from the Second World War. As the guerrilla-like Nazis rampaged through big Western cities, the entire class laughed, and appropriately so. The outrageousness of this image was viewed for what it was, and the government’s attempt to scare young men into enlisting was obvious.… Continue reading The propaganda of Kyoto

B.C. to introduce ‘Education Quality Assurance’ program

By Dan Pagan

In response to private universities breaking laws, the British Columbia government is bringing in a quality-assurance seal for post-secondary institutions, to help students avoid fraudulent schools. B.C. Advanced Education Minister Moira Stilwell explained the new Education Quality Assurance designation would allow students to see which post-secondary institutions meet government-recognized quality assurance standards. Universities, colleges, career-training… Continue reading B.C. to introduce ‘Education Quality Assurance’ program

SU election forums invade Mac Hall – Academic

By Jordyn Marcellus

Five hopeful Students’ Union academic commissioners debated their merits Monday on the stage in the MacEwan Student Centre south courtyard. Moderated by current vice-president academic Pam Weatherbee, the five candidates– Dan Pagan, Christian Louden, Sid Dawud, Ola Mohajer and Nikita Schaloske– discussed their platforms in front of the student crowd. Dawud suggested that the university… Continue reading SU election forums invade Mac Hall – Academic

Fixing the turnout

By Daniel Pagan

There is an assumption that many university students just don’t care about student politics. That may have been true in the past and if you look around you can find confirmation for this. But a few students’ union elections are starting to challenge that stereotype. To get a big turnout in an election, all you… Continue reading Fixing the turnout

Book Review: Ysabel

By Daniel Pagan

Departing from his common elves-and-goblins universes, Guy Gavriel Kay’s Ysabel is an urban fantasy novel in the style of Neil Gaiman, complete with contemporary setting. Combining Roman and Celtic history, photography and a centuries-old love, Ysabel tells the story of Ned Marriner, a young French boy who moves to America and stumbles upon a hidden,… Continue reading Book Review: Ysabel

Legal marijuana and the developing mind

By Tobias Ma

Marijuana hurts young people — this doesn’t change the fact that it should be legalized. The New York-based Icahn School of Medicine and the University of Montreal have released a new study on cannabis’s effect on adolescent brains. The results are not pretty, but they do not make the case for legalization any less compelling.… Continue reading Legal marijuana and the developing mind

A Free Tibet

By Todd Andre

In 2004, Lobsang Dorjee began the long and treacherous journey from Tibet across the Himalayas, through Nepal and into India. Dorjee’s story is common to other Tibetans who have escaped oppressive Chinese policies– his father was killed and he lived homeless and illiterate in Tibet after his family was kicked out of a monastery during… Continue reading A Free Tibet