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Pablo, honey?

By Gunner Calhoon

The Gauntlet Tier 2 elections took place Wed., March 20. As per usual, there was a hand grenade thrown square at the crotch of democracy."None of the races were even contested," said an obviously drunk Editor-in-Chief-elect Kris Kotarski, who swept to victory two weeks before. "These bastards didn’t even have to campaign.""What are we, the… Continue reading Pablo, honey?

Vagina Monologues meets testosterone

By Ruth Davenport

The following is an interview with an actual man on his impression of the play, The Vagina Monologues. One only hopes that others have walked away from the production with more than what our interviewee–appearing under a pseu-donym–unfortunately retained. Something that can best be described as the stereotypical male response.     Ruth Davenport: What were your… Continue reading Vagina Monologues meets testosterone