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Good gates make good neighbours

By Jordan Petty

Ever feel locked out? University of Calgary students Ira Wells and Jordan Petty sat down with English professor Dr. Harry Vandervlist to discuss the phenomenon of gated communities. Aside from teaching poetry and critical theory for the English department, Vandervlist recently taught a course exploring urban spaces in contemporary English literature.Wells: There are now 20,000… Continue reading Good gates make good neighbours

Humanities students dangerous

By Harry Vandervlist

In an excellent article two weeks ago Rhia Perkins asked: are there funding disparities between the arts and humanities faculties and the others? She found that yes, fewer government and corporate dollars find their way to the faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities and Communication and Culture. Some hypotheses were offered about why this might be.Here’s… Continue reading Humanities students dangerous

This university ain’t for teachin’

By Jon Roe

The University of Calgary is continuing its tradition of missing the mark on improving the quality of teaching, despite setting itself a goal of being a so-called “learning-centred university.” Provost Dr. Alan Harrison presented the U of C’s Academic and Strategic Research Plans at Tuesday’s Student Legislative Council. In the plans, he reviewed the principles… Continue reading This university ain’t for teachin’

iPod classes: broadcasting live from U of C

By Kris Schmidt

iPods ar cooler than beer and probably a better study tool, according to a recent study. The Student Monitor, a survey analyzing what’s in and out on college campuses, ranked iPods higher than perennial favourite beer, said Dr. Kathleen Scherf. Enter Project iU, a pilot project created to assess the use of podcasting at the… Continue reading iPod classes: broadcasting live from U of C

Mini News Stories

By Вen Li

Six hundred delegates representing 1.3 million Canadian post-secondary students will attend a national conference of student associations this summer. The U of C and Mount Royal College will host the conference at the Telus Convention Centre from June 7-12. "This conference is a first," said Students’ Union VP External Duncan Wojtaszek. "It made sense for… Continue reading Mini News Stories

Lost “in grave ink”

By Mary Chan

A new Calgary poetry publication may not be written in stone, but it’s written in grave ink.“It’s sort of like a cross between a zine and a journal,” said Editor Lindsay Tipping, a University of Calgary English student. “It’s a very small press publication.”Tipping, who put the small volume together at her house with a… Continue reading Lost “in grave ink”