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Where have you gone?

By Hoops Haavardsrud

Some time ago I was roused from a particularly enjoyable slumber by a persistent ringing noise. The source of my irritation remained elusive as I struggled over abnormally high hurdles of grog and confusion. Mumbling barely-audible condemnations toward anyone not in earshot, the receiver thankfully found its way into my groping hand. Fortunately, primal instinct… Continue reading Where have you gone?

Dino lady cagers swept

By Paul Haavardsrud

Articles in this section have a long and dedicated history of searching for a silver lining while shamelessly ignoring the mass of dark storm clouds looming ominously on the horizon. For years dutiful writers have buried truth and objectivity in a sanguine pile of undeserved platitudes and blind optimism.No more. Plucky lyrics from days gone… Continue reading Dino lady cagers swept