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Former Calgarian helps kids in Nicaragua

By Morgan Haigler

The imprisoned children of Bluefields, Nicaragua can sleep more comfortably thanks to the humanitarian efforts of former Calgarian Bruce Callow. After raising $2,500 at a July benefit concert in Calgary and nearly $12,500 through the Caribbean Coast Prison Appeal of Nicaragua campaign, Callow said there is enough money to construct two separate jail cells to… Continue reading Former Calgarian helps kids in Nicaragua

Looking for love in all the right places

By Paul and Ian Baker

The Canadian dollar is down, the economy is crumbling, tuition is still rising, people are taking on second jobs just to make ends meet and taking out second mortgages on their houses. Still, February is full of shows that will make you want to pawn the last of your stuff for the tickets. Since you’re… Continue reading Looking for love in all the right places


By Ian Baker

Hollow Crown, the third release from UK metalcore band Architects, is a confusing album. The band plays a fairly complex blend of metalcore and math metal, occasionally verging into screamo/emo territory. In fact, they do the latter more on Hollow Crown than on any of their previous releases. When Sam Carter stops the screaming and… Continue reading Architects


By Ian Baker

Let’s get this out of the way early: yes, LeATHERMOUTH is the side project of My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero. Unfortunately for the 15-year-old girls who will probably purchase this album based on name recognition alone, X0 sounds a lot more like a Refused album than anything MCR might put out. In fact, the… Continue reading LeATHERMOUTH

Spun: Missy Higgins

By Ian Baker

On her sophomore release, On a Clear Night, Missy Higgins makes an admirable attempt at convincing the listener that she’s putting forward something new, but unfortunately most of the time she’s just treading well-worn ground. Higgins has already been billed as “Australia’s Vanessa Carlton” and that label seems appropriate for the first half of the… Continue reading Spun: Missy Higgins

Spun: Bring Me The Horizon

By Ian Baker

Bring Me The Horizon has all the pieces necessary to put out a solid album. They demonstrate their technical proficiency on pretty much every track on their latest, Suicide Season, and it’s definitely not a lack of musicianship that brings the album down. Though they also show moments of songwriting promise, demonstrating a penchant for… Continue reading Spun: Bring Me The Horizon

Spun: The Gaslight Anthem

By Ian Baker

The Gaslight Anthem clearly owes a debt to Bruce Springsteen. Maybe it’s because they grew up in the Boss’ backyard, but his influence is all over their latest effort, The ’59 Sound, demonstrating that a little respect for your musical elders is never a bad thing. 2007’s Sink or Swim could easily have been the… Continue reading Spun: The Gaslight Anthem