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Spun: The Royal Oui

By Jocelyn Yet

Vancouver’s Ari Shine and Adrienne Pierce come together to form The Royal Oui. The pair’s self-titled album is a follow up to their Forecast EP. Shine and Pierce create a true-to-folk journey through love with a romantic and melodic feel. Both bring extensive musical experience to the table, which is more than evident in their… Continue reading Spun: The Royal Oui

Nationalism gets in the way of supporting good causes

By Jocelyn Hunt

Think of how you describe yourself. Likely your country of origin and current citizenship are on the list. But why do those define us when the geographic location of our birth is quite arbitrary? When there is a political demonstration or natural disaster nationality shouldn’t matter, and yet a sense of nationalistic pride or sorrow… Continue reading Nationalism gets in the way of supporting good causes

Quebec multiculturalism

By Jocelyn Hunt

Canada is multicultural in law and practice. As long as your language, culture or religious beliefs do not harm another individual, they are welcome here. Yet the province that always appears to be the exception maintains its notoriety. Parti Quebecois spokeswoman Louise Beaudoin recently stated that “multiculturalism may be a Canadian value, but it is… Continue reading Quebec multiculturalism

The Liberal Party needs a real plan

By Jocelyn Hunt

Campaigning has started for our next federal election and Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff is showing us his true colours. This spring, the opposition will probably send us to the polls by not supporting the budget being released in March by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. Currently, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a seven point lead… Continue reading The Liberal Party needs a real plan

Quebec’s small man syndrome

By Jocelyn Hunt

A recent article published in Maclean’s magazine, “Quebec: the most corrupt province” by Martin Patriquin, has received a significant amount of negative response from Quebecers and their Premier, Jean Charest. The article covers decades of petty and grand corruption at municipal and provincial levels. All negative news begets reaction, yet was it really necessary for… Continue reading Quebec’s small man syndrome

Science for the unnewsed

By Nicole Dionne

Study connects migranes and mental disorders A study at the University of Manitoba suggests that there may be a connection between migraines and mental disorders. The study found that 11 per cent of participants who suffered from migraines were also diagnosed with another disorder. The variety of disorders investigated in the study included major depression,… Continue reading Science for the unnewsed

NHL Preview: The East

By Lawrence Bailey

1. Ottawa Senators There is no team in the National Hockey League with the top-to-bottom talent of the Senators. They boast a pair of Norris-caliber defensemen with Wade Redden and Zdeno Chara, a trio of forwards capable of finishing in the top 10 in league scoring with Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza, and… Continue reading NHL Preview: The East