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Weekend Update – Track and Field

By Ryan Laverty

Nervous excitement sprinkled with bated breath hung thick in the air at Alberta’s Butterdome last weekend for the Golden Bear Open track and field meet.Silent anticipation consumed participants and the audience alike as they waited for the signal. Muscles twitched and hearts began to pound until it felt like they couldn’t take it for another… Continue reading Weekend Update – Track and Field

Jeff Beck still the master of the Stratocaster

By Ken Clarke

On Monday evening, legendary guitarist Jeff Beck (left) and his top-notch band delivered a solid two-hour set of mostly instrumental guitar wizardry to an appreciative sold-out crowd at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Highlights of the show included an exquisite instrumental version of “A Day in the Life,” the always crowd-pleasing “Led Boots” and an… Continue reading Jeff Beck still the master of the Stratocaster

The Funk Brothers Keep Motown Alive

By Ken Clarke

If you’ve ever listened to a radio, you’ve heard the Funk Brothers, the most prolific hit machine in music history. In 1959, music producer Berry Gordy amassed the most talented blues and jazz musicians in Detroit for his now-famous label Motown Records, which quickly became known as “Hitsville U.S.A.” The Funk Brothers were the label’s… Continue reading The Funk Brothers Keep Motown Alive

Spun: Twilight Hotel

By Ken Clarke

Former Winnipeggers Brandy Zdan and Dave Quanbury now call Austin, Texas home, although their recently released third album was recorded in Los Angeles. When Wolves Go Blind loosely documents their journey from Canada through America, and it doesn’t sound like it was a fun trip. The music is sparse and dark in nature with laid… Continue reading Spun: Twilight Hotel

Spun: Good Lovelies

By Ken Clarke

Although this aptly-named female trio from Ontario has only been around since 2006, it sounds like they’ve been singing together for about 60 years. The Good Lovelies are reminiscent of girl groups of the 1940s and ’50s like the Andrew Sisters, and they wear it well. Let The Rain Fall is the third full-length offering… Continue reading Spun: Good Lovelies

Spun: Jimmy Zee

By Ken Clarke

Vancouver musician Jimmy Zee’s latest release is an R&B mixture of various genres bordering on blues rock, funk, soul and folk. Each track is dominated by Zee’s appropriately gravelly vocals which tie all of the song styles together into a cohesive whole. Zee penned all but one of the songs himself with the exception being… Continue reading Spun: Jimmy Zee