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Tribunal upholds Haskayne levy decision

By Diana Lyuber

A rogue student levy had the Students’ Legislative Council seeking the authority to eliminate illegitimate fees before a Tribunal on Wed., Feb. 16. The matter had already been through the Review Board, but their decision not to grant authority left the SLC unsatisfied and appealing to the Students’ Union Tribunal. The Haskayne Student levy, coughed… Continue reading Tribunal upholds Haskayne levy decision

SU Election stands

By Chris Beauchamp

The Students’ Union Tribunal, the highest SU judicial authority, reversed the SU Review Board’s decision to overturn the hotly contested 2004 SU General Election. "We were unanimous in our decision to reverse the Review Board’s decision and allow the election to stand," said Tribunal Chair Christine Nugent in a short oral statement following an hour-long… Continue reading SU Election stands