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I now pronounce you… Mr. and Mr. MacKenzie

By Lawrence Bailey

Joe to Kevin, Elaine to Anne and Lizzy of Westminster sending her regards (via our journalist turned monarch overseas, Adrienne Clarkson). Reverend Brent Hawkes of the Metropolitan Community Church in Toronto recently took the progressive step that no one else seemed to have the balls to take–he presided over the first two legally legitimate gay… Continue reading I now pronounce you… Mr. and Mr. MacKenzie

Spun: Jeff Healey

By Kenzie Love

This posthumous release from guitarist/vocalist Jeff Healey is a pleasantly upbeat 14 song collection of 1920s and 1930s swinging jazz numbers. While most listeners know Healey as a blues rock guitar player, he did form the Jazz Wizards in 2002 and recorded three swing albums with them by 2006, playing trumpet and guitar. It’s no… Continue reading Spun: Jeff Healey

Spun: Musiq Soulchild

By Kenzie Love

“Sorry if I come off disrespectful or my convo is a little bit too sexual,” sings Musiq Soulchild on “b.u.d.d.y.,” the first track on his album Lovanmusiq. A line like this has to be intended ironically. The sexual innuendo in R&B singer Musiq’s lyrics is so mild and the devotion to women so strong, it’s… Continue reading Spun: Musiq Soulchild

Spun: Rosie Thomas

By Kenzie Love

Upon listening to These Friends of Mine, it’s not surprising to learn that singer-songwriter Rosie Thomas contributed a tune to a recent children’s album. Her music is of the gentle, melodic variety ideally suited to that genre. It’s a bit of a jolt, however, to learn that she’s a sometime stand-up comedian. If her comedy… Continue reading Spun: Rosie Thomas

Sharks won’t eat you: Sharkwater

By Kenzie Love

There’s no denying the importance of Sharkwater’s message: the world’s sharks are being fished to the point of extinction, a development which could seriously upset marine ecosystems and have severe consequences for humanity. But there’s no escaping its flaws as a film. The clumsy pacing, sometimes laughable narration and overall lack of cohesion detract from… Continue reading Sharks won’t eat you: Sharkwater

ATP gets medical attention: Tempting Providence

By Kenzie Love

Whether it comes to health care or entertainment, simplicity isn’t in vogue today. People in both fields have increasingly come to rely on big budgets and cutting-edge technology. Myra Bennett­—a British nurse who cared almost single-handedly for the people on the north peninsula of Newfoundland for more than 50 years—had neither of these comforts. The… Continue reading ATP gets medical attention: Tempting Providence

Another zero for Schumacher

By Kenzie Love

Here’s a coincidence: The Number 23 is the twenty-third movie or television series Jim Carrey has appeared in since 1991. Okay, maybe it’s not, considering he appeared in 15 of them before then, but it’s strikingly similar to the absurd lengths Joel Schumacher goes to convince viewers that this is a number people should be… Continue reading Another zero for Schumacher

Spun: Lireena McKennitt

By Kenzie Love

An Ancient Muse is Canadian singer Loreena McKennitt’s first studio album in 10 years. Personal tragedy accounts for part of the delay (her fiance died in a 1998 boating accident) and she’s also been busy taking on an offending biography. Another factor is likely the tremendous amount of time it must have taken her to… Continue reading Spun: Lireena McKennitt