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Walking to stop child trafficking

By Kim Richards

University of Calgary staff and students took to the streets this past weekend to combat the purchase and sale of human beings. The inaugural event in a global initiative to Stop Child Trafficking Now raised funds and broadened awareness for the organization of the same name Sept. 26-27. Ashley Karg, a fourth-year undergraduate student, was… Continue reading Walking to stop child trafficking

Residence students battle expectations

By Brent Constantin

Residents of residence are having some reservations about recreation. Last Wednesday the University of Calgary Residence Students’ Association was given a probation notice from Residence Food and Conference Services, and some members aren’t too happy. RSA president Luke Mason, who represents about 1,750 students living on campus, revealed the probation is the result of several… Continue reading Residence students battle expectations

Rwandan genocide, Canadian complacency

By Kimberly Richards

Two weeks ago, Leon Mugesera — a Rwandan man charged with inciting the 1994 Rwandan genocide — was deported after spending 19 years of refuge in Canada. Mugesera is the poster child for genocide suspects hiding in Western countries. Mugesera’s trial is highly anticipated, as he will be the first genocidaire tried by Rwanda’s judicial… Continue reading Rwandan genocide, Canadian complacency

Canadian protest course offered this fall

By Kimberly Richards

This fall, history professor Paul Stortz will offer a course that focuses on understanding how activism and protest occupies our daily living. History 493.47 will examine contemporary activism and protest in Canada, while also taking a historical perspective. “We look at the whole idea of activism and protest. We try to understand how these movements… Continue reading Canadian protest course offered this fall

U of C fraternities react to U of A hazing

By Kimberly Richards

Revelations regarding severe hazing at a University of Alberta fraternity have called the bonds of brotherhood into question. U of A’s campus paper The Gateway obtained video footage of sleep-deprived pledges for the school’s chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity eating their own vomit and being locked in a small, urine-soaked plywood box. After… Continue reading U of C fraternities react to U of A hazing

Business class lets students make dreams come true

By Kimberly Richards

Senior marketing students in the Haskayne School of Business are gaining real world sales experience in the Selling Smiles 101 program. As part of the course, assistant professor of marketing Derek Hassay requires his students to establish their own independent contracting businesses selling Cutco Cutlery to raise funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation. After five… Continue reading Business class lets students make dreams come true

SU and school work to end couch races

By Kimberly Richards

Senior administrative officials at the University of Calgary and the Students’ Union met this summer to work on eliminating the much beloved but often risky annual couch races. Couch races, a notorious tradition that takes place at St. Andrews Heights on Bermuda Shorts Day, was shut down by police last year. Typically, teams of students… Continue reading SU and school work to end couch races

U of C unveils STEALTH ski technology

By Kimberly Richards

A top-secret gadget developed at the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering has enhanced the training of the country’s best skiers in preparation for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The Sensor for the Training of Elite Athletes, or STEALTH, is a GPS/GLONASS-based system that helps alpine skiers perfect their technique and route or line… Continue reading U of C unveils STEALTH ski technology

Student refugee program looks to expand

By Kimberly Richards

This year’s Students’ Union general election will include a referendum asking students to pay an additional three dollars per year to sponsor a second refugee student to get a University of Calgary degree. Currently full-time U of C students pay two dollars a year to sponsor one refugee student through the Student Refugee Program of… Continue reading Student refugee program looks to expand

Acclaimed U of C prof examines conquest

By Kimberly Richards

Navigating the stream of early modern English research, Professor Ken MacMillan makes waves debunking the rhetorical and propagandistic power of the term conquest. MacMillan, a legal, constitutional and imperial historian of early modern England, is an associate professor in the University of Calgary’s Department of History. In the brief period since completing his PhD in… Continue reading Acclaimed U of C prof examines conquest