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Musical Evil Dead a bloody good time

By Lisa Nguyen

Rebecca Northan, who stars as Annie in Evil Dead: The Musical, found her love of theatre doing improvisation in Calgary’s own Loose Moose Theatre when she was 16 and it remains one of her favourite venues to perform in. A professor once told Northan, a University of Calgary drama graduate, about the importance of getting… Continue reading Musical Evil Dead a bloody good time

Homeless conference looks at media

By Lisa Nguyen

Giving spare change to panhandlers and donating to food banks are only short term remedies to alleviate the immediate impacts of homelessness. But the population of Calgarians without shelter has increased 900 per cent since 1992, indicating that the social epidemic is growing. To discuss these issues, the faculty of social work at the University… Continue reading Homeless conference looks at media

Online Only: Scientist explains risky science

By Lisa Nguyen

Science typically serves to advance human interests, but one professor disagrees. Scientists are conducting experiments where the risk factor is an “extinction event,” said Dr. William Leiss, a visiting lecturer from the University of Ottawa. New inventions that do not conform to precedents of scientific standardization become dangerously unregulated, he argued. Leiss held the research… Continue reading Online Only: Scientist explains risky science

Controversial Israel-Palestine speaker visits

By Lisa Nguyen

Dr. Norman Finkelstein’s controversial commentary on the Palestinian-Israeli dispute and his staunch critique of Israeli military actions have made him somewhat notorious. Last week, he visited the University of Calgary to deliver a pointed commentary of the Gaza conflict, which is deeply rooted in the political power struggle over a partition of land. Finkelstein believes… Continue reading Controversial Israel-Palestine speaker visits

Book mixes ancient print with post-it notes

By Lisa Nguyen

Print technology has revolutionized the transmission of knowledge, transforming the once exclusive literary process into an open marketplace of ideas. The Chinese published the earliest known printed book in 868 CE, The Diamond Sutra. Johannes Gutenberg produced his own printing press using metal movable print in 1440, catapulting the convention of printing into main stream… Continue reading Book mixes ancient print with post-it notes

Election results


SU General Elections 2003 ResultsPresidentEl-Rafih, Mohamed- 550Gilchrist, Jayna- 1383Gould, Kyle- 563Blatch, Christopher D.- 394 VP Academic Nicolaides, Demetrios- (Acclaimed) VP External Batiuk, Lauren- 1841 Doig, Kari E.- 875 VP Events Bailey, Lawrence- 1038 Bergen, Richard “Krafty”- 1113 Patel, Anant- 720 VP Op-Fi Kotwell, Tanya- 927 Pearce, Brett J.- 807 Preston, Gavin C.- 1064 Academic Commission… Continue reading Election results