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Sophtwhere Slump

By Paul Margach

In the year when Y2K didn’t materialize, the power of man and machine would seem to be omnipotent. The sublime "He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s The Pilot" opens Grandaddy’s second album and puts man at a technological crossroads. The storyline is maintained throughout and concludes with "So You’ll Aim Toward the Sky," where we start… Continue reading Sophtwhere Slump

Martin Sexton set to convert campus

By Paul Margach

Picture this: an adoring crowd, clapping their hands and singing along to "Hallelujah," led by a most stirring preacher. But wait, something’s wrong. This so-called preacher is a little scruffy. And since when did "Hallelujah" include the lines, "What about Jesus/Didn’t he do it too?/Hang out with prostitutes/And have a drink or two." The preacher,… Continue reading Martin Sexton set to convert campus

Vostok 6

By Paul Margach

Poor Valentina Tereshkova. Despite being the first woman in space, she remains even more obscure than Laika, the first canine to orbit the Earth. Vostok 6 deftly combines folk music with ’70s synth-pop in order to tell her extraordinary tale. The dark overtones of Pink Floyd’s Meddle and David Bowie’s Low resonate and the chill… Continue reading Vostok 6