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Romantic comedy meets metaphysics

By Rob Sherf

Let’s take a moment to consider Charlie Kaufman, that dashing Hollywood genius behind the script for what seems like every metaphysical theatrical thrill ride over the last few years. Hailed by many prospective PHIL 201 students as "dude, totally deep," Kaufman makes his trade in reflexive narratives delving deeply into the headiest of mind-trip themes… Continue reading Romantic comedy meets metaphysics

Does video-game violence lead to the real thing?

By Kirstin Morrell

It’s only a game, right? Last month’s release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City revived the controversy surrounding realistically violent video games.Some people, notably parents, are alarmed at the possible influence these games have on young people. Others see this as overreaction. In either case, with the success of its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 3,… Continue reading Does video-game violence lead to the real thing?