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Islamic group says media is unfair

By Stefanie Achkewich

Islamic Jihad. Radical Muslim. Fundamentalist Islamic terrorist. Stereotypes and slanders such as these were the subject of the Canadian Islamic Congress’ annual report released Wed., Oct. 4. Entitled "Anti-Islam in the Media," the study documents, analyzes and evaluates the depiction of Islam and Muslims found in a cross-section of Canadian media including The Globe and… Continue reading Islamic group says media is unfair

Serious Tam

By Stefanie Achkewich

Singing principally in Kuanuan and Tok Pisin (Pidgin English), Telek weaves the history and culture of the Tolai people of Papua New Guinea in Serious Tam. This album includes a three-part harmony where ancestral drums, resonant acoustics and the hauntingly beautiful voice of Telek combine in a re-telling of traditional songs with a contemporary edge.… Continue reading Serious Tam

Campus AIESEC to host the world

By Stefanie Achkewich

In 2002, Calgarians can once again show off their legendary hospitality. Calgary was chosen to host the annual AIESEC International Congress over Montréal and Edmonton. The announcement was made last Tuesday at the current Congress being held in Edinburgh, Scotland. "We’re very lucky to have a city and community that supports such events as the… Continue reading Campus AIESEC to host the world