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Justin Azevedo • Mohsin Aziz • Dante Bencivenga • Grace Elekwa • Holly Flagel • Alex Hamilton • Benjamin Hartney • Salimah Kassamali • Tobias Ma • Emily Macphail • Fabian Mayer • Dawn Muenchrath • Jan Ong • Elizabeth Scott • Sean Sullivan • Louie Villanueva • Curtis Wolff • Jeremy Woo • • • This week we congratulate Grace Elekwa for seizing the golden spatula from all other competitors. It was a fierce battle involving chasing coyotes, cuddling hedgehogs and capturing spotted geckos. Thanks for seeing it through!

March 27, 2013
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When developing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Next Level Games had to live up to some high expectations. After working with Nintendo on previous projects such as the Mario Strikers series and the Punch Out!! reboot, the small Vancouver game studio was approached by one of the world’s biggest publishers and asked to take on a mighty task: to create the long-awaited sequel to one of the most beloved Nintendo games of all time.


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