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CJSW tops funding record

By Sarelle Azuelos

After a long week of constant campaigning, last Friday night the phone lines closed for the annual CJSW funding drive. Donations to the University of Calgary radio station totalled approximately $216,000. Although, as of Mon., Oct. 30, the amount had reached $218,039, and was continuing to increase. While the funding drive may officially be over,… Continue reading CJSW tops funding record

Doom! DOOOOOM! New Gauntlet editors elected

By Jon Roe

Well, we’re fucked. The Gauntlet elections took place Wednesday and, as most people expected, the results were disastrous. “I’m happy to be accepting this position,” said newly elected Editor-in-Chief Cam Cotton-O’Brien, sounds of horse hooves and “Flight of the Valkyries” echoing outside. “I think I can probably do a good job.” Lighting crashed and the… Continue reading Doom! DOOOOOM! New Gauntlet editors elected

The future looks grim

By Chris Tait

The dust has settled, the plants can see the light again, though they’re scarcely better off for it. Certainty has died, leaving only the disquiet of the future. Despite the constant criticism of being a damn dirty economist, current features editor Jon Roe Sports Editor has pulled himself up by his bootstraps to overthrow the… Continue reading The future looks grim