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You suck, continued: One candidate’s response

By Ryan Yau

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: Gauntlet Endorsement Supplement, March 8 & 15, 2001 I would first like to congratulate Barb Wright on being elected Students’ Union President. However, her success relied heavily upon the Gauntlet’s endorsement. An endorsement from the Gauntlet’s arrogant expert panel rockets one’s chance of victory. Not surprisingly, every single Gauntlet-endorsed candidate won… Continue reading You suck, continued: One candidate’s response

Jed’s ascension to power

By Editorial

Do you want buck-toothed, redneck yokels running your Students’ Union? Then run in the SU general election, for damnation’s sake!We are convinced this SU advertising campaign is why so many unqualified candidates chose to run for the SU this year. Current SU executives and commissioners dressed up like hayseed-chewing idiots could only give the student… Continue reading Jed’s ascension to power