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Spun: Air

By Jordyn Marcellus

It’s been three years since Air released a new studio album, and it doesn’t disappoint. With darker melodies and atypical instrumentation for a band of Air’s pop pedigree, Pocket Symphony is wildly different than previous works while maintaining the pop elements that made them famous. Less electronic than previous work, Pocket Symphony emphasizes a delicate… Continue reading Spun: Air

Spun: Yoko Ono

By Jordyn Marcellus

While known by many–for good or ill–Yoko Ono’s music can be both brilliant and utterly inaccessible, depending. Her latest collaboration cum remix album, Yes, I’m a Witch, is a collection of old Ono songs redone by some of the largest bands in indie rock, the only thing in common with the old tracks being Ono’s… Continue reading Spun: Yoko Ono

Film Fest, week two: a lot of twisted love

By Gauntlet Staff

Wrong Rosary Musa is a middle-aged man who moves to Istanbul working as a muezzin and singing the daily prayer call in an Islamic mosque. Starting a new life, he moves into an apartment where he meets his next-door neighbour, Clara, who was orphaned at childbirth and raised by nuns. The film alternates between her… Continue reading Film Fest, week two: a lot of twisted love

Deconstructing Horsedog

By Ryan Pike

Human beings have walked the Earth for roughly 200,000 years, according to scientists. In that time, we have discovered fire, mastered flight and made scientific discoveries that have revolutionized the way the world works. The creation of Horsedog makes every other human achievement seem like a small child’s inane scrawlings. In the annals of Western… Continue reading Deconstructing Horsedog

2009 Gauntlet Election SWAT

By Gauntlet Election SWAT Team

The middle of February is generally a time devoted to love and affection. That is, unless you’re a student at the University of Calgary and have to suffer through the annual Students’ Union election campaign. In the spirit of the season, the Gauntlet’s Academic Probation section has collected the three biggest assholes in the office… Continue reading 2009 Gauntlet Election SWAT