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Election SWAT 2011

Every year, we see tonnes of posters sprayed across walls in anticipation of the SU election. Some posters are good. Some are bad. The Gauntlet Election SWAT team, consisting of Isaac “Techno” Azuelos, Brent “Cynic” Constantin and Andy “Sunny” Williams, brave the horrid conditions to offer a constructively critical perspective on SU election candidates’ posters.… Continue reading Election SWAT 2011

Letter: On SWAT

By Vincent St. Pierre

Editor, the Gauntlet, While reading the joint opinion piece by the SWAT squad on the election posters for Election-2010 I had the joy of noting that there was no mention of either my platform or my posters in the categories you lambasted others in. Specifically, you targeted people on the issue of “middle of the… Continue reading Letter: On SWAT

2009 Gauntlet Election SWAT

By Gauntlet Election SWAT Team

The middle of February is generally a time devoted to love and affection. That is, unless you’re a student at the University of Calgary and have to suffer through the annual Students’ Union election campaign. In the spirit of the season, the Gauntlet’s Academic Probation section has collected the three biggest assholes in the office… Continue reading 2009 Gauntlet Election SWAT