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Prof scores grant

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

La NiƱa can’t touch the kind of project University of Calgary Professor Luc Bauwens is undertaking.Bauwens wants to build a commercially viable pulse-tube cryogenic refrigerator that would have only one moving part, run on helium and cool to a temperature of -200 degrees Celsius. Bauwens recently received a $285,400 strategic project grant from National Science… Continue reading Prof scores grant

Management may pay another fee

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

Another fee may be coming. Don’t panic–it only applies to Management undergraduates, and even then, it’s optional.In a recent referendum held for Management students at the University of Calgary, 78 per cent of the 12 per cent of Management students who voted agreed to a $25 per semester for full-time students ($10 part time students)."The… Continue reading Management may pay another fee

CAUS I said so

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

If listening is the first step toward lasting change, Alberta’s student leaders have taken a giant leap toward changing government policy.On Tues., Oct. 13, university and college student leaders met with Premier Ralph Klein, and Minister of Advanced Education and Career Development Clint Dunford in Edmonton to discuss student issues.Klein told the students at the… Continue reading CAUS I said so

Winning Ugly: the ’98 Hockeysaurs

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

Imagine the Anaheim Mighty Ducks without Teemu Selanne and Paul Kariya-or can you? What do you do when half your goals are taken away?The University of Calgary Dinosaurs men’s hockey team faces just such a situation as the season comes closer to its beginning, the only difference being the expectations of a sounder defence than… Continue reading Winning Ugly: the ’98 Hockeysaurs

Promising play

By Jan Creaser

During the holidays, many people nostalgically reflect upon their lives, remembering the good times, the hard times and ultimately, their personal journey filled with both difficult and easy decisions about what direction their lives should take. This year, the Cappucino Musical Theatre Group tries to capture those moments of reflection and the emotion of tough… Continue reading Promising play

Election goes to dogs

By Benedict Arnold

Sitting in his normal spot, the MacEwan Student Centre Guide Dog realized that the results of the Gauntlet Tier One Election were completely meaningless to him. "I can’t read!" barked the dog. "Nor can I," confessed newly-elected Co-editor Еvan Osentоn. "That’s okay, South can’t even uncap a pen," replied fellow Co-editor-elect Jan Creaser. Newly-elected News… Continue reading Election goes to dogs