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Travel Supplement Introduction

By Lawrence Bailey

The contents of this supplement are a little immature, especially as far as travel goes, considering the bulk of the authors and photographers are new to the game. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia… these are not the Himalayas, Burundi or even Russia. Most of your friendly neighbourhood student journalists are not that different than… Continue reading Travel Supplement Introduction

A history forgotten long ago

By Еvan Osentоn

J.L. Granatstein argues in his seminal book Who Killed Canadian History? that we are a nation woefully ignorant of our past. His contention seems to ring true in every Nov. 11 Globe and Mail, traditionally bursting with statistics suggesting Canadian youth can not differentiate John A. McDonald from Ronald McDonald. Unfortunately, Granatstein’s analysis, which begins… Continue reading A history forgotten long ago

Pierre Elliot Trudeau:

By Collin Gallant

When Hugh MacLennan penned Two Solitudes, a defining work of literature on Canada’s identity problem, was it any coincidence he used human relationships to parallel the two founding cultures of our nation? This is the psychology behind the inaugural effort of Canadian director Catherine Annua, Just Watch Me: Trudeau and the ’70s generation. It is… Continue reading Pierre Elliot Trudeau: