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Rams bow to the Dinos

By Bo Rhodes

“The sun will come out tomorrow”-AnnieThe sun finally came out for the University of Calgary Dinos last Saturday when they met the University of Regina Rams on fabled Taylor Field. In what could only be called an ass-kicking, the Dinos soundly defeated the expansion Rams and improved their record 2-3.The mid-season break seemed to favour… Continue reading Rams bow to the Dinos

The World Cup of Rugby

By Josh Truba

I will never forget my introduction to the World Cup of Rugby. The year was 1995 and I was living in Brisbane, Australia. It was around dusk and I was taking a leisurely walk down the quiet inner-city neighborhood of Hawthorne. As I was enjoying the evening and my surroundings I noticed a poorly dressed… Continue reading The World Cup of Rugby

Men off to a fine start

By Josh Truba

It was almost two weeks ago when I last spoke to Andy Gibbs, the University of Calgary men’s soccer coach. At that point he was anxiously awaiting the start of the season despite the reality of being a true underdog in the Canada West division. Gibbs was still excited about the prospect of the year… Continue reading Men off to a fine start

I wanna reach for the sky

By Todd Jackson

Ten years ago, the Skydiggers began to perform at a time when strange things were happening to the Canadian music scene. From the ashes of Glass Tiger and Honeymoon Suite came a few bands which developed into a full blown, though elusive, musical tradition–elusive, because they are not bands which have always garnered a lot… Continue reading I wanna reach for the sky

Don King’s Style:

By Josh Truba

Don King once said "the man with no creativity stands on the earth, he has no wings, he cannot flyI am soaring!" This statement has never been truer than it is today. King is on top of the world.Saturday night saw King orchestrate one of his finest schemes yet. According to virtually every boxing expert… Continue reading Don King’s Style:

Dinos get pucked

By Josh Truba

While many of us focussed our attention on the start of the National Hockey League season and the Calgary Flames’ vaunted trip to the land of the rising sun for that battle of the titans with the San Jose Sharks, the University of Calgary Dinosaurs men’s hockey team was quietly getting their regular season under… Continue reading Dinos get pucked

If you’re not coming out Saturday, we’ve got two words for you… it’s cancelled

By Josh Truba

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love wrestling and admit it, and those who love wrestling but refuse to admit it.For some reason, we all hold wrestling dear. It’s a common denominator among the human race. It was a part of our childhood and it remains a constant today. It’s… Continue reading If you’re not coming out Saturday, we’ve got two words for you… it’s cancelled