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Audet goes buckwylin’

By Gavin Schafer

He restlessly taps his fingers on the steering wheel as the car in front creeps ahead only inches and fiashes its brake lights. Stop, creep, stop, creep. The traffic jam, annoying to some, but excruciating torture to those like him who thrive on constant motion; destination, ahead. For Dinosaurs Football wide receiver Hughes Audet, avoiding… Continue reading Audet goes buckwylin’


By Paul Haavardsrud

"A bit of a walk in the park, in’it?"– Tony Marsden, Kiwi tourist, first-time spectator, 4:45 left in the fourth quarter.To the untrained eye of a first-time spectator from New Zealand, Dinosaurs football victories would seem a dime a dozen judging by the spectacle witnessed this past Saturday in a 45-13 final score at McMahon… Continue reading Victory!

Drinks o’ plenty

By Carla Young

To pub crawl or not to pub crawl, that is the question.The Students’ Union Alcohol Policy states that the consumption of alcohol cannot be the primary focus of SU club events on or off campus. It is difficult to get insurance to cover high-risk activities such as pub crawls and, last year, clubs had trouble… Continue reading Drinks o’ plenty

The Arctic Institute

By Kim Stock

Little-known fact about the University of Calgary: the MacKimmie Library Tower has an 11th floor! If that isn’t enough to blow your mind, on the 11th floor there resides the Arctic Institute–a prestigious Canadian museum.This information seems to have escaped many of the University of Calgary student body, with the exception of the students involved… Continue reading The Arctic Institute

The Migration

By Jan Creaser

"Hello again. I’m Professor Jan Allgood and this is my colleague Dr. Brain. In this week’s edition of Wild University, we investigate a new practice that began one year ago-U of C 101: The Introduction. This first segment of footage was taken Thurs., Sept. 3 at 3 p.m. Dr. Brain, would you care to elaborate… Continue reading The Migration

You should wannabe back

By Corky Thatcher

First Assignment: What I Did This SummerAhem! Mrs. Krabappel, fellow classmates:Well, May had arrived, and as usual things weren’t turning out the wayI’d planned. Since I wasn’t living a charmed life, fate eventually decidedI would have to work in the service industry this summer. Not giving upthat easily, I decided if it had to be… Continue reading You should wannabe back