Editorial: Bogle's absence unfair to SAA

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On the Students' Union's website, beside the SU president's photo, it states that the president sits on the Students' Academic Assembly.

However, this semester, that will not be the case.

This is a problem. Despite its unglorified nature, SAA is important. It is where academic policies for students are designed and drafted and is the main link between the SU and the university's individual faculties. The president is a key member, as she is both knowledgeable and an ambassador for the rest of the SU as well as for all the high-level administrators she meets with regularly.

SU president Julie Bogle put forward the motion to be excused from SAA at the Mon., Jan 14 meeting. However, she was not there to defend it, nor to answer questions members may have had about her proposed four-month absence. Members had started to discuss the issue but decided a decision could not be made in her absence and she had to be found and pulled from class.

When she got there, a heated debate followed with SAA members bringing up an SAA evaluation that had been discussed that very evening. The evaluation stated that communication between SAA and the Students' Legislative Council was a perpetual issue. The vote was close, with eight in favour and seven against.

Having the president absent at the meetings will only hurt communication and, for a leader that has said communication was a priority, this move seems counterintuitive.

Classes have been available since Aug. and as such, this should have been brought to SAA when they still had time to make a fair decision. At the meeting, Bogle had said she knew about the conflict but had been hesitant to deal with it because she knew it would be a troublesome issue.

As well as the class on Mon. evenings, Bogle could have taken a class on Tuedays and Thursdays, but was skeptical about that option because she wanted to be prepared for Tuesday's SLC meetings and be available for both students at large and elected officials to contact her during regular office hours. This sounds reasonable, but for the 16 other members of SAA that have specifically made the time to be there, it is unfair.




bogle shows the leadership of a future liberal. at least she gets the resume padding, right?

Ms. Bogle's actions, alongside her election platform shows she doesn't have much concern for academic issues. Ironically, the reason Ms. Bogle is missing SAA is to work towards finishing her degree. While beer, cinemania, and tent cities all play a part in a great university experience, the truth of it is that taking classes and getting a degree is the common experience among all students. Students go to school to get an education. I think Ms. Bogle owes the SAA a big apology.

Dear first poster: you're not only an idiot, but also a stupid ideological mouthpiece who is also a coward.

Anyway, it's despicable that Bogle isn't going to the SAA when it's clearly in her job description. She's paid $32,000 or so, and as such, should go to the class. Since this isn't the case, she needs to ensure that a qualified and informed proxy is sent in her place.

Even then, it is a poor move on her part and disrespectful to an important legislative body.

Julie Bogleís decision to not attend SAA shows her lack of concern for the academic needs of U of C students. Academic issues are key to the functioning of the University, students come here to get an education. If Julie Bogle is not willing be present at these meetings in the role as president and only continue to plan events, she might better have served the students in the role of Events Commissioner.

it just figures. bogle has been nothing but a glorified events commissioner and rsa exec for the whole year even stooping to the lowest level by taking full credit for the work and efforts of previous su execs and elected officials. if you're not living in residence, she doesn't care. if you're not an slc croney, she doesn't care. not much of a leader. saa has been trying for years to be a recognized part of the su and its up to the president to take leadership on this (among other things). shame on you bogle. since saa is such a major part of your job description, you should do students a favour and cut your pay accordingly.
when was the last time a non-residence student was elected president? too long. maybe you campus dwellers should check your priorities instead of the popularity contests in this next election.

Yeah, or, you know, blindly follow the Gauntlet SU election supplement as per usual.

As a former Faculty Representative and Academic Commissioner, I have to agree with Katy. It is unfair to both her colleagues and her constituents for Julie Bogle to miss all SAA meetings this semester.

SAA is an important (if underrated) group that focuses on responding to University policy, representing students on the General Faculties Council and improving the quality of our eductional experience. It is also the only time that she can be held accountable by faculty representatives. It's a real slap in the face for Julie to decide she has better things to do consider she must schedule just one class.

The last time a member of SAA decided that they were unable to make a significant proportion of meetings (for reasons of illness which were substantially more legitimate), that member was asked to resign because they could not represent their constituents. Julie has expressed what her priorities are. Perhaps her SAA colleagues should do the same.

(My name is withheld due to my continued service on the SU and the fear of repercussions).