Faculty Wars — a yearly game of faculty vs faculty dodgeball — has been cancelled
Louie Villanueva/The Gauntlet

Faculty Wars to be replaced by mental-health event

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Gone are the days when Arts students could release their pent up rage against the faculty of engineering in a cutthroat game of dodgeball.

A sort of university war-games that pitted faculty against faculty in competitive dodgeball, Faculty Wars will be replaced this year by an unannounced event.

Faculty Wars was started four years ago by then vice-president student life Matt Diteljan, but has dwindled in popularity since its first year.

Students’ Union vice-president student life Jonah Ardiel said that he’s hoping to shift the event’s focus away from its former competitive structure.

“There’s going to be a large focus on mental health next year,” Ardiel said. “So whatever’s replacing it will be centred around that.”

Although Ardiel is hashing out the specifics, he hopes that art-themed events will replace Faculty Wars. Ardiel said he is looking at setting up an art gallery along with hosting open mic nights to be held once a semester.