Academic Probation
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The Gauntlet

Feeling clever?

Then find a real crossword

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Think you're pretty smart, huh? Clues are below, click on the image to the right for a higher res copy of the puzzle. Answers--not that you need them--will be on and off-line next week.


1. Crappy Ford van

4. 90.9 fm

9. Hello

10. United Nations

12. Favourite bedroom sound

13. Final Fantasy X-"he's my old man."

14. "To be or ___ to be"

15. "Word up, ____."

17. A major division of time

19. Santa, Courtney Love, and Oliver

21. "The Duke"

23. Ol' Dirty Bastard

24. Ewan McGregor's Jedi name

25. A poplar tree

27. "Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party on, _____."

31. Electric water snake fish

33. _____ Madrid

36. _____ Ferdinand

37. Jack Black and Kyle Gass

38. Pool stick

39. "The ____ is the limit."

40. Wet t-shaped tool


1. Beastie Boys: "coming from your _____ to check my style."

2. "Guess what number I'm thinking?"

3. Ventura

4. Shanghai, Xi'an, and Nanjing

5. Jus d'orange

6. Slow useless animal

7. Den dj

8. Eminem is not capable of doing this anymore.

11. Silent but deadly

16. Sound one makes when hurt

18. James Dean

20. Japanese greeting, an American state

22. Swiss way of enchanting the ladies

25. Dr. Doom's nemesis-Captain _______.

26. C-curve, the box, rolling like a ball, the seal

28. The Warrior Princess

29. Canadian Edition abbr.

30. Revenge of the _______.

32. Godzilla loves destroying this city.

34. "The" in French

35. A melody

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