Skull Ring
(Virgin / EMI)

Iggy Pop

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While Skull Ring may not be the most innovative rock and roll album ever made, it is Iggy Pop, which makes it worth a listen.

This time out, Iggy presents us with a concrete, no-frills, fast tempo CD featuring an assortment of backing bands. Of these groups, the most notable is the resurrection of the original surviving Stooges. Their four songs fit the bill quite well, providing an entertaining perspective of the group.

Also present is Iggy's own current band, the Trolls, featuring Calgary resident Whitey Kirst on blistering guitar. Indeed, the Trolls six tunes prove that his other guests (Green Day, Sum 41, etc.) are quite unnecessary.

However, the inclusion of Peaches, on "Rock Show" and the sex-filled anthem "Motor Inn" adds an interesting deviation from Iggy's trademark deep and dark vocals.

If you like your rock and roll hard and simple, you should check this out, although it's not recommended for anyone easily offended by non politically-correct lyrics.





Skull ring proves that Mr Iggy pop is not going to fade away anytime soon... His last 2 or 3 albums with the Trolls is as stripped down as rock gets and pounds most new music into the ground. I have seen Iggy 3 times live and believe me it's one of the best live shows you will ever see.