Jeff Beck


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Guitar hero Jeff Beck's latest offering, Jeff, is an extension of his increasing fascination with the latest technological advances his producers and mixers have to offer. Think of it as Beck-Tech. Indeed, Beck's backing band these days is a series of computer-generated rhythms, synth treatments and hand-picked, one-shot vocalists.

Fortunately, the entire conglomeration is driven by Beck's emotionally charged guitar virtuosity. The techno-style production takes a back seat to his signature guitar solos, which stand out like rays of sunshine amidst an insane thunderstorm.

Buy this CD for Beck's inimitable guitar prowess, and stay for the interesting contrast between techno-style production and the human element.





I've been aware of Jeff Beck since his days in the Yardbirds. On his latest, what might arguably be called the 3rd in a series of electronica-inspired releases, Jeff totally submerges himself in the genre, oftimes recalling diverse influences. "J.B.'s Blues" has an Adrian Sherwood sound going on, for example. I've read some reviews that say "we've heard it all before" which I find not totally accurate or valid in any case. In the end it's about the sound and if your ears are big enough you should be able to appreciate that Jeff is not recycling tired old blues licks like his contemporaries, say, Eric Clapton.