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Lady hockeysaurs record second win

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The Dinos women's hockey team has not exactly had the hottest streak of wins this year. In fact, it has been somewhat of another disappointing year. However, things are beginning to look up like tourists beneath an erupting volcano.

Our ladies met the Mount Royal College Cougars Fri., Jan. 27. They proved to their doubtful fans that, though playoff hopes have been demolished, they definitely have something left in them.

They played like monkeys in captivity on Friday night, taking the Cougars by surprise. The Cougars were 10-3-2 going into the competition, while the Dinos sat at a meagre 1-15-0. If this wasn't enough, Cougars are a predatory creature while Dinosaurs have been extinct for some 60 million odd years.

In any case, Krista Larson and Dianne Ikeda scored the first two goals of the game. In contrast to the usual course of events, these ladies were both dressed proudly as Dinos, giving our ladies a 2-0 lead.

As the first 20 minutes came to an end, the Cougars stepped it up and realized they'd have to bring their A game to bring this one home.

Kelsey Lund of MRC scored the only goal of the second period, proving that Cougars are not the type of lady you want to mess with. With the gap now down to one, it was anyone's game.

Kirstin Johnston tied the game for the Cougars just over half way into the final frame. But instead of wetting their panties, the Dinos kept the pressure on. Veteran Jennifer Mansell snuck a puck past the Cougar tender with just under three minutes remaining in the game.

While three Dinos had their moment with a goal each, the true star was Natalie Gerstmar, the goalie. She took 40 shots for the evening and put 38 of them to bed.

This combined effort gave the Dinos their second win of the season, 3-2. Hopefully, they will continue to prove their skills as they face the Cougars again Sat., Feb. 4 at Centennial Arena at 8:30 p.m.




Although I must say I am happy to finally see some effort put into coverage of the women's hockey team, this is one poor effort.
First of all, the author doesn't even know the playoff format for the year - the Dinos WILL be competing the playoffs this season.
Second of all, its sad to see that with every positive point from the game that was reported on, there is a sarcastic comment not too far away...
Comparing dinosaurs and cougars? Wetting their panties? Please, learn to write.
This was a HUGE accomplishment by the girls last weekend, and instead of presenting as so, the Gauntlet has done all but blatantly mocked the win. How about some kudos to the ladies? Why not focus on the fact that the offense was ridiculously accurate on their shots, or the fact the team won even when 2 players off their already small roster didn't play? Or even focusing on the fact that finally, Jen Cabana and Natalie Gerstmar have beaten the team they won the championship with last year?
Or how about doing a bit of research and watching the game before reporting on it?????

Judging on the info from the ACAC website: There's 6 teams in the Lady Dinos' division: Top 4 make it into the playoffs.

The team in the last playoff spot (NAIT) has 22 points and a 10-5-1-1 record. The Lady Dinos have 4 points and a 2-15-0-0 record. It's impossible for them to catch up.