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Local dad discovers memes in 2013

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Although Richard Dawkins first coined the term ‘meme’ back in 1976, only within the last decade has the word really attracted attention. Internet memes in particular have become seemingly omnipresent in today’s society.

For local father Paul Molineaux, however, the discovery of memes is new and exciting.

“He just came home one day and started talking about ‘meh-mays’, Molineaux’s son David reported, referring to Molineaux’s discovery of the Internet phenomenon. “It took me a second to realize that he was actually talking about memes.”

Molineaux was reportedly at work when he received an email from a fellow behind-the-times father, asking him to check out “this great new website, 9gag.”

Since the incident, Molineaux’s family members have said that the 48-year-old has been referencing memes incessantly.

“He even asked us if we had heard of them,” Molineaux’s daughter Olivia reported. “Heard of memes? Are you kidding me? Of course we’ve heard of memes. It’s just embarrassing.”

Molineaux has said he has no idea what is bothering his children so much.

“Y U NO LIKE MEMES,” Molineaux cackled during our interview, while his children sighed and buried their faces in their hands.

Despite the protests of his children, Molineaux says he plans to remain an avid supporter of the meme.

“One does not simply stop referencing memes,” Molineaux said.