Guy on train good at picking up social cues

By Elizabeth Scott

Early yesterday morning, as you boarded the train to campus, you sat beside a young man engrossed in a book. The man was relatively good looking by conventional standards, with the exception of his Adidas track pants. “Must be laundry day,” you thought to yourself hopefully. After several minutes of silence, the man closed his… Continue reading Guy on train good at picking up social cues

Top-10 replacements for Alison Redford

By Melanie Bethune

With Alison Redford’s resignation last week amidst numerous controversies and problems, the Alberta government is in a tumultuous position. While Dave Hancock has been sworn in as interim premier for the time being, an election for Progressive Conservative Party leadership will be held on Sept. 6. Until then, the Gauntlet has taken the time to… Continue reading Top-10 replacements for Alison Redford

Obama drunk dials Putin

By Tendayi Moyo

Amidst what some are calling Cold War level tensions, President of the United States Barack Obama is reported to have drunk dialed President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Following a state dinner and a few nightcaps with vice-president Joe Biden, Obama left Putin an emotional and profanity-laced voicemail at 3:30 a.m. Eastern time. In… Continue reading Obama drunk dials Putin

Pickup artist successfully ensnares females

By Elizabeth Scott

Despite the poor reputation men known as pickup artists (PUAs) have acquired in recent years, it seems that all those hours of approaching and harassing unsuspecting women may finally be paying off. One PUA in particular, Vince DeSantis, is reaping the rewards of these practices. Third-year engineering major Claire Mitchell reports that she was attending… Continue reading Pickup artist successfully ensnares females

Navigating the other side of the hill

By Elizabeth Scott

It is only natural that parents and children butt heads every once in a while. The teen years in particular can be tricky to navigate and may cause tension in families that are the focus of many self-help books. Fourth-year educational psychology student Emily Breyer has taken a different angle on the strain in parent-child… Continue reading Navigating the other side of the hill

Annual contest returns to U of C

By Scott Strasser

This week, the University of Calgary commenced its annual funny poster contest. The posters, which are exhibited throughout campus, will be voted on by the student body based on wit, cleverness and quality of puns. Posters that include pop culture references and Internet memes are tipped by experts as most likely to do well. It… Continue reading Annual contest returns to U of C

Romantic movie surprisingly cliche

By Dawn Muenchrath

Much to the surprise of moviegoers, Hollywood’s newest romantic film, The Secret Drawer, is receiving a less than enthusiastic response from viewers and critics. The movie, released just in time for Valentine’s Day, is an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s bestselling novel, The Secret Drawer of Beautiful and Melancholy Love Letters. Despite the dismal quality of… Continue reading Romantic movie surprisingly cliche