Caught by the Window
(Maple Music)


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There are a lot of negative things I could say about this album. The easiest thing would be giving it a bad review and moving on, except for one little problem: it isn't bad. Despite all their flaws, Pilate (who will be supporting The Dears Fri., Oct. 24 at SAIT) managed to create an entirely pleasing record.

Musically it's impossible not to draw parallels to Coldplay and The Bends-era Radiohead, which would seem like a bad thing if Pilate didn't pull it off so well. The beautifully subtle banjo picking on "Mercy" offers a glimpse at Pilate's potential while the instantly catchy guitar on "Into Your Hideout" is the kind of riff U2 wishes they could still write.

What really holds the band together and pulls Caught by the Window out of mediocrity are singer Todd Clark's stunning vocals. Clark's voice has the power to transform even the most tired lyrics ("When I can't feel you I'm not alright") into spine-tingling literary gold.

Pilate could do great things if they manage to step out of the shadows of their influences. If not, we can all look forward to their OK Computer.





Tired lyrics?!? Dont pick out a single lyric and generalize about the album like that...the lyrics are incredible. "In a sea of painted whispers did I drown" ? I'm sorry but that, like most others on the album, is high quality stuff.

I personally think Pilate is amazing. the lyrics are touching, the beat is incredible and it's a about time we had some hot Canadian talent. it was well done and the more i listen to the cd, the more i absolutely love it.

It's easy to be a critic and although you're entitled to your 2 cents, I have to disagree with you except for the "catchy guitar on 'Into Your Hideout' is the kind of riff U2 wishes they could still write" part. I haven't taken this CD out of my player since I bought it 2 weeks ago and it still gives me goosebumps. Pure brilliance.

I laughed out loud when I read "If not, we can all look forward to their OK Computer" because that happens to be one of my favorite albums of all time. I wish SOMEBODY would put out another album that reaches that level. LOL
I think Pilate is amazing on many levels. Having seen and heard Pilate and all of the alleged influences (Coldplay, RadioHead, U2) I can tell you that Todd Clark's vocals are far more powerful. Musically, they manage to maintain a nice balance between straight up pop, "Into Your Hideout" and intense and sensitive, "Alright". They put on one of the best sounding and solid shows within the confines of a small club and without the need of major technical support, which these days is pretty impressive.
I love every song on "Caught by the Window". I highly recommend it!

I believe you're being far too crtical. Although you do commend the band for the lead singer's vocals you cannot see how some simple lyrics can touch a person. Ok Computer for example has many songs with simple lyrics, yet are very powerful and it is probably the best album ever made. So, cut the band some slack. They made their first appearance into entertainment with a boom and have definite potential especially compared to the likes of The Beatles.

Tirrrrrrred Lyrics Hell I want more out of them.... I came to this shit site to find out the exact words !! "Alright" is probably one of the best songs I've heard in long time including good one's from the new "Hail to the Thief" by the Great Radiohead so Respect Gipper !! Just that one song made the purchase worthwhile

you started off your criticism by mentioning how you could easilly tear the album apart, what with all the apparant flaws, and subsequently failed to mention any aside from the fact that they sound like some of the greatest rock bands of our time. am i the only one who fails to see how that is a flaw? one of the aspects i liked so much about this band was that they could rock like U2 and they weren't just manufactured fluff designed to make me want to jump up and groove. the vocals are amazing, the lyrics kick ass, and i dare say bono and chris would be proud to be paralelled with Pilate. if sounding like U2, coldplay, or radiohead is a crime, then Pilate is the crime of the century.

"Pilate could do great things if they manage to step out of the shadows of their influences. If not, we can all look forward to their OK Computer." Is that necessarily a bad thing?