Relieved VP Academic winner Laura Schultz.
Вen Li/the Gauntlet

Schultz tearfully takes VP Academic

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When the results for the Students' Union Vice-President Academic were announced, perhaps the most surprised candidate was the winner herself, Laura Schultz.

Schultz's strong campaign matched with two years previous SU experience as the Communication and Culture representative made her a qualified candidate for Vice-President Academic. But this did nothing to lessen her agitation upon entering the conference room to hear the results of the SU election. In the moments before the results were announced, Schultz was on the verge of tears and was so nervous she rushed out of the room.

"Up until the announcement I didn't know," said an ecstatic and visibly relieved Schultz after the results were announced. "With all the political debate you didn't really know."

The incoming VP Academic has her agenda all planned out.

"First I want to get to know the academic commissioners and faculty representatives in my quest to improve academic quality," stated Schultz. "It's going to be a great year."

But before the hard work begins, Schultz was ready to put the stresses of campaigning and the election behind her for the evening.

"I'm going to the Den to celebrate," she said with a smile.

VP Academic candidate Andrea Kettle was not quite as happy after the announcement.

"I think that who got elected was who the Gauntlet liked and endorsed," Kettle admitted, adding that running in the election was an experience which she enjoyed.

Since she is in her fourth year and will be graduating, Kettle will not be running for a SU position again.

The candidate with the second highest number of votes was Aaron Baker, a member of Barski's Cabinet, who finished with 1,267.

Last-place finisher Mohamed El-Rafih, who received 746 votes, was present for announcements but left as soon as the results were announced.

Both Baker and El-Rafih could not be reached for comment.