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Condoleezza Rice is a lot of things: she's smart, she's pretty, she's an African-American in a position of extraordinary power. She's also a bloodthirsty, ruthless neo-con, but that tends to be overlooked--probably because of the first three.

Recently, Rice and Canadian Foreign Minister Peter McKay were revealed to be having a tryst. When the media found out about it, they were more concerned with the aesthetic of the relationship than the fact that their babies would be horrible little goblins with a taste for the blood of all things pure.

While she may not be an explicit member of the terrifying Project for the New American Century think-tank (whose modus operandi is to more-or-less have America take over the world) she has supported them on several of their scary reports. Most notably was the Rebuilding America's Defenses document, which doesn't just imply world domination--it's an outright plan for it. When the war in Iraq started, Rice was one of its most vehement supporters. She even wrote an editorial for the New York Times, called 'Why we know Iraq is lying.' C'mon people: holy shit.

With that said, Rice's achievements shouldn't be undercut by her apparent insanity. But when there's an unstable neo-con practically running the most powerful, technologically-advanced country in the world, maybe we should be less concerned about her sense of fashion and love affairs, and more concerned with her lunatic ambitions.

-Kyle Francis,
Entertainment Editor.




[She even wrote an editorial for the New York Times, called 'Why we know Iraq is lying.]
Is there anything within this N.Y times
peice that would indicate Iraq wasn't

Re: Dolph --

No, it does not.

However, this is entirely besides the point. The point Kyle made was that Rice was one of the cheerleaders in the media campaign leading up to Iraq. The article given couldn't be a better example of this, with everything from a holier-than-thou "Of course they have weapons" attitude to a decent amount of fear-mongering at the end. However, regardless of your views on the Iraq quagmire, the point still stands that Rice is a powerful neoconservative entity who should be carefully scrutinized -- like all politicians -- in her activities in office, not her personal life.